A picturesque view of Winter’s world – full of passion and overloaded of talent….

The Swedish band Winter is fronted by the charismatic lead singer and guitarist AnnaLena Winter, with new guitarist Fredrik Lidin, Abbe Abrahamsson on drums and Johan Stromberg on bass. A MATTER OF TIME features eleven self-penned songs focused on love, lust knowing somebody and being somebody, and letting people go.

The opening track A Matter of time is a hearty song, brimming with soulful grainy vocals and a strong sense of direction, with a catchy chorus and arned with a tone that is both contemplative and compelling.
Face on the wall is a sensational track about someone lingering long after they’re gone and unifies rock-pop whilst drawing on an American influence.
Cccc’mon is tripping on a country vibe, and with the powerful driving vocals from Anna-Lena accompanied by guitars, you could see this track surley moving the crowds at festivals world-wide.
Crazy has to be my number one track on the album, the way the vocals rollfrom her tounge is both clever and full of style, really drawing on the band’s intentional inhability to be classified. They draw on so many influences, but all creating driving 
songs, powerfully capitavating and able to rock out a crowd or move an individual. 
Real Gone is a slower take on Winter’s sound and is a positive move to explore another aspect of their act but for me isn’t half as attractive as the rockier vibes. 
Pretender is another one of my favourites – who knows what influenced this song, other than the whole idea of being the first girl on the moon, but it makes for an interesting and really enjoyable track on the album, along with the following trac Run wich really bewitches the audience. This song focuses on being happy with yourself as you are, and her grainy and passionate vocals really bring AnnaLena’s story to life.

Overall this album is immense – a picturesque of Winter’s world full of momentum, brimming with style and passion and overloaded with talent.