Heroes & Heroines

A collection of songs and artists that have had an impact on Anna-Lena throughout the years, and still do. At first the list of songs will seem drastically contrasting to one and other. They come from all over the world. Reggae, blues, pop and everything in between. Women & men, old & young, black & white. But in this mash up of music lies a common thread that becomes increasingly obvious. It appears that many of these heroes and heroines have not only played one and others music but have even known one and other as friends. Anna-Lena believes that these musicians, that feature in Heroes & Heroines, would get along smashingly over a pilsner and some acoustic tunes. But the most obvious common thread is their respect and passion for the music that was made straight from the heart. Not made to fit into any one genre or made to sell. This is why they will always be Anna-Lena’s heroes and heroines.